Film i Skåne is the co-organiser of regional, national and international screenings that take place in Skåne. For a project to receive investment from Film i Skåne, it must have local co-financing and be related to a municipality in Skåne.

Applications should be made in writing to Film i Skåne, and should consist of a project presentation, budget and funding report.

Applications will be processed twice during 2018-2019:

10 May for events with ongoing programmes during the current year or festivals during the period July-December

10 November for events during the period January-June (2019)

The following are registered during the application process:

Project description
Schedule Budget
Financing Plan 
Plan for audience work 
Plan for sustainable (climate-friendly) events

Contact details for the person responsible for producing the event will also be registered. For statistical purposes, please provide all information about those applying. This information does not affect the assessment of the relevant project.

Till ansökan


Ralf Ivarsson
CEO/MD Film i Skåne